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ShirtStories' unique organic shirts will allow people to express their identity and expand social awareness.


What's your story?
Each different design is connected to the artists' story behind the image. Find out more about your personal story and design here.

Our vision is to expand social awareness trough selling good looking organic shirts and bags designed by young artists.

  • Enable South Africans to attend University.
  • Provide a platform for young artists to express their identity.



  • Sell 300 of our unique organic products in order to enable a South African student to attend University for one year. All of the profit will go directly to scholarships in South Africa supported by SocionextTSIBA & StudyTrust.

Check out our video to learn more about ShirtStories.​

'ShirtStories brings sustainable fashion' 
according to the Amsterdam cultural magazine



Check out the article here: 

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